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      1. Why Air Taxi

        Fly Anywhere You Want With Linear Air Affordable private flight options for regional travel

        Fly Friendly

        Personalizing Regional Travel

        Linear Air puts the personal back in flying. We cater to you in a way that commercial airlines cannot. Our Air Taxi marketplace lets you schedule your own flight to fit your own personal schedule. Our customer service professionals will handle your ground transportation if you want and are always just a phone call away to serve you.

        No long security lines

        Fly Cost-Effectively

        Creating the Best Pricing

        Linear Air’s online Air Taxi marketplace gives you instant access to the most favorably priced Air Taxi flights throughout the United States and Canada. Unlike airline pricing, there are no hidden fees or extras. In fact, you can bring your pet along for free.

        Save more with our Travel Rewards Program.

        "I am the assistant to two executives who spend the summer in Nantucket with their families. We are new to your service, but we see a real value in what you offer. Having planned their travel for years, it is sometimes very difficult to get on and off the island for various business meetings and conferences. I found you through KAYAK ... I’m excited to have this option when booking travel for our executives ... This will certainly make my job easier."

        Linear Air customer

        Fly Everywhere

        Expanding Regional Travel

        Our Air Taxi marketplace is constantly expanding to include more regional operators. While we can pick you up and drop you off anywhere, flights originating from our base areas will be the most cost effective. On the East Coast, the most favorably priced trips will originate or terminate from a variety of cities from Maine to Florida. On the West Coast, ideal routes begin or end in the San Diego, Los Angeles, or San Francisco areas. Midwest service is currently concentrated in Michigan, Illinois, and Texas.

        Modern Aircraft

        Fly Safely

        Focusing On Safety

        All Linear Air flights are operated on Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) by FAA-approved Part 135 operators whose aircraft have undergone an FAA conformity inspection, have been certified for Part 135 operations, and carry an appropriate and current airworthiness certificate. All flights are with pilots who hold a commercial pilot certificate, have at least 1200 hours of flight time as a pilot, meet or exceed the FAA’s requirements for operating Part 135 flights, and who undergo and pass FAA testing every six months.

        View our aircraft