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      1. Air Taxi for Leisure Travel

        Experience the Joy of Air Taxi for Leisure Travel Convenient regional airports. Free onsite parking. Fly direct in your own plane. Fly on your own schedule.

        Fly Remote

        Fly Anywhere Direct

        Avoid the hassle of flying commercial to remote getaways far from major airports and with awkward connecting flights. Instead hail an Air Taxi directly to your destination. Our online Air Taxi marketplace gives you instant access to direct flights to and from thousands of regional airports that the commercial airliners don’t serve. That means you can fly direct to your island retreat and maximize your fun in the sun, or fly direct to your ski destination and maximize your time on the slopes. We may need to verify we can accommodate the size and weight of your gear.

        "Great flight! We are having so much fun! This is how to travel."

        Kerry Locke Bedard, President, Junior Achievement of Northern New England, Linear Air customer

        Fly Frequently

        Vacation More Often

        Hailing an Air Taxi is a great way to pack more leisure time into your busy life. Fly direct on your own schedule and in the comfort of your own plane. Your vacation starts the minute you set foot on your Air Taxi, which quickly delivers you to your destination - often in under an hour. It’s the perfect option for a short getaway, vacation home visit, or even a day trip. Offering the ultimate in convenience, you can hail an Air Taxi to the city for dinner and a show, and it will be there waiting to fly you home that evening.

        Do you have frequent air taxi needs? Check out our Travel Rewards Program.

        Flights On-Demand

        Fly Faster

        Avoid Long Drives

        Whenever your travel plans call for a three-to-eight-hour drive, consider hailing an Air Taxi for a 30-to-60 minute flight. For example, visiting remote colleges becomes a snap when you hail an Air Taxi. It’s also a time-saving option to attend an alumni meeting, catch a college football or hockey game, get a child home from boarding school, or to and from summer camp. Consider taking the stress out of the school application process, and make the experience a mini vacation for both you and your child, by booking an Air Taxi to visit several campuses in a single day or over a long weekend.

        "Both flights were great, pilots were awesome. Could not have gotten to the event we went to and back any other way."

        Rich Miner, Linear Air customer

        Fly With Fido

        Bring Your Pet

        Most Air Taxis are pet friendly. So if you need to travel with your well-behaved dog, cat or other animal, they can travel right next to you in the same comfort and safety at no additional charge. Forget the lengthy list of rules and regulations the airlines impose on you when you fly with your pet, and avoid the hazards of the cargo hold, with its excessive hot or cold temperatures and poor ventilation. Hail an Air Taxi, and flying with your pet is as easy as driving to the airport with your dog and boarding the plane. You’ll never leave Fido home alone again.

        Pet-Friendly Flights

        Fly Hi-Tech

        Fly in Comfort

        When you hail an Air Taxi, you book an entire plane — integrating the latest engineering, sophisticated avionics, most-advanced airframe designs and safety systems — flown by a highly trained pilot. Your vacation starts and ends with an exhilarating, safe flight experience in a comfortable, spacious cabin with leather interior and modern ergonomics. From the time of booking to when you arrive back home at your doorstep, you have direct access to warm, friendly, and personal service by Linear Air agents and professionals.

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